Client Testimonials

Having these Barrow Lights is valuable to the company because we get more guys on the ground, and the cost of hiring guys in to do traffic control is expensive. The cost of having those guys is about 70 to 80 dollars an hour, plus the vehicle. So, that soon adds up at the end of the day, especially when you have them here for a week or so.

Now, we’ve put money into these lights. The next job we go to, I’ve got all those guys on the ground, and plus we don’t have to hire guys in to set up traffic control, we just set up our own lights and away we go. The efficiency of that is great. We’ve noticed the difference in that job being pushed along a lot quicker, because we’ve been able to have those lights, and more guys on the ground.

Christian Rowbottom, Civil Supervisor at Baker Group

The Barrow Lights are fantastic! We love them. They save our crew hours in set up, and because they are so simple to use, all our crew can operate them easily.

Chris Hammond, Corangamite Shire Council

The Barrow Light has proven to be truly revolutionary and site changing for Eastern Tree Services (ETS).

ETS is one of Australia’s largest vegetation management companies in Australia.

ETS Now have five sets of Barrow Lights, simplifying their operation and reducing their traffic control risk. Traffic control costs have been slashed and their efficiency has doubled. Previously two crews were required, now with the Barrow Light one crew is sufficient.

Each day the Barrow Lights are loaded onto utes or trailers, the lights are programmed and wheeled into position with a total setup time of no more than 5 minutes.

With programming being so fast and simple and Barrow Lights being so versatile, it’s no surprise the teams at Eastern Tree Services love them!

Eastern Tree Services

Yes we have used the light on numerous occasions and they are working very well, they are so easy to set-up and use makes the daily works a lot easier. Happy with the product. Cheers.

Garry Salt, Works Delivery Officer at Hindmarsh Shire Council

The Barrow Lights we purchased from you are excellent. Very user friendly. The biggest benefit to us is the size and weight.

And also the storage factor they take up no room. One person can set these lights up. Therefore cutting down on resources. Overall brilliant.

Rod Grace, Works Manager at George Town Council

Overall the Barrow Light works well and is easy to set up. Once our staff have been inducted with its use, they set and forget it. The lights transport very easily in ute or trailer.

Richard Jarvis, Project Manager at Jarvis Delahey Contractors

The Barrow Lights have been a great success for this council used on many different occasions since purchased. The guys are happy with the ease of set up and the lightweight construction with easy movability around sites.

James Pearman, Supervisor for Networks at Goulburn Mulwaree Council
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