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Portable, easy to use, and designed with modern technology, the Barrow Light V2 can make working onsite much more efficient than before.

Street Smart Innovations are here to support you with everything you need for a great experience with the Barrow Light V2. See below answers to common questions we receive:

Barrow Light V2

Under normal use with a standard battery, each unit runs 7 days (10 hours per day.) Batteries are included and safely mounted inside the body of the unit. A solar panel option can be added as well, economically providing unlimited operating periods 24/7.

Please speak to the Street Smart Innovations team if you would like a solar panel option to be added.

The range of each unit is 800 metres, with a normal line of sight for standard radio operation. Its remote can be used anywhere in that range.

More importantly, a secondary backup synchronisation system allows lights to operate at much greater distances (up to 3km.) This also prevents cycle failure on intermittent radio drop out in signal interrupting environments such as intensive urban sites and mountainous terrain, as well as variable conditions such as fog and vehicles.

Each unit weighs 41kg and approximately 66kg with its standard heavy-duty, long-life battery pack. Each battery pack weighs 25kg.
Units are designed in “Wheelbarrow” style, meaning that there should rarely be the need to ever physically lift the units. Lights are easily wheeled into position up an Easy Carry folding ramp, supplied as an option when loading a trailer or light vehicle.

Units can also be loaded using the “tilt-up” (hand truck) method. Ergonomic lifting handles provide a comfortable and safe two-person lift in the rare event that ramps are not available. (To provide a comparison, a mid-range jackhammer is a similar weight.)

Comparison: Weight compared to E-Stop.

E-Stop – 24kg (Not including the battery or heavy steel stand.) Units come in several components which are carried and then assembled and/or disassembled on site.

Yes. A single unit can be used manually as (PTL) Portable Traffic Light.

Any unit can work with any other unit or hand remote control.

If you have another light from another set, it will work fine. The remotes do not require coding and can be used straight out of the box. Any remote or light will work with any other light or remote. Unlike other lights, you can grab a spare remote from anywhere and you’ll be up and running.

If you require spare parts, remotes, or other accessories, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Yes, the user sets up the distance and number of vehicles during the day. The timings are automated in “Standard” mode. In “Manual” mode, timings can be further customised for the site or situation.

Yes, if you have 3 lights or two sets (4 lights.) You just pair them appropriately, and they will all work together to manage the intersection. In “Manual” mode, further tailoring of timings can be done with all lights included.

Yes, go through the remote menu to “Parameters” where you can turn the countdown function off. Having the inbuilt timer is an advantage compared to a separate device retrofitted.

It is possible. However, it would be more efficient to have a SMART set available and mix and match as necessary.

The backing board is made from a 5mm thick flexible polyethylene that is UV-stable and practically indestructible.

The board is attached by different options including Velcro for quick set up and/or sturdy rubber straps for longer-term applications. This board will not buckle, chip, dent, or scrape like an aluminium board would.

This will greatly depend on what the client has as a setup on the day or particular job. See photo of (V1 superseded) set arranged in Traffic Control vehicle. Note, V2 now incorporates folding heads for halving the space needed.

The fact that you can fit these very capable lights in a station wagon opens up the chance for a lot more people to use such a powerful light, even in a Type 2 setting. A lot of contractors believed they needed a traffic management company, but we were able to manage their job with a set of Barrow Lights.

We have mostly targeted the civil contractor and traffic control market with our V1. With the V2, enhancements have been made. We are looking to sell this product to a wider range of customers, including responding to the different hire companies that have shown interest.

The Barrow Light being as reliable as they are, breakdowns don’t happen often. As they do occur, we offer all parts and support from our offices. We have supported many customers in the remote parts of the Northern Territory, Western Australia, and New Zealand.

Being designed in a straightforward, plug-and-play layout, replacing parts can be done easily with minimal downtime.

Spare parts are readily available. Everything on the Barrow Light is replaceable, and customers can change over parts or request replacements for parts that are damaged or lost. No programming is necessary during replacements.

Yes, This is dependent on a minimum order quantity.

As we know, there have been some unfortunate incidents with traffic controllers. To reduce the risk of something going wrong, traffic control companies and other road-based companies are pushing to have the person managing traffic off the road itself.

Utilising the use of supervised traffic lights like the Barrow Light V2 is an efficient, safe way of managing traffic.

Yes, the battery sits in the battery box and is secured with a strap. Terminals are simple bolt-down terminal lugs.

Anderson plugs could be used if a quick change is required. There is extra space in the battery box for any accessories or parts.

Each unit is powered by a standard 12V sealed maintenance-free battery. Any deep cycle 12V would work. Units can be “hot-swapped.”

Yes. The Barrow Lights interlock when stacked on top of each other, and the “steps” in the top allow a strap to be used when anchoring the units down.

With their durable construction, this can be done quite tight without any consequences to the unit itself.

Uses 3AA batteries as these provide longer life. This is also very practical if the batteries are flat and you need to change them. Rather than waiting for your remote to charge, just swap-and-go.

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