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Street Smart Innovations is a subsidiary of TranEx group, a family owned and operated company that has served Australia’s road and civil industry for over 35 years. TranEx started out as a traffic sign manufacturing business, securing large contracts and projects all across the country.

As the business expanded, so did their range of products and services. In 2013, the brand name Street Smart was officially established, carrying the electronic range of traffic signage designed, manufactured, and distributed by TranEx. In 2021, Street Smart innovations was officially established as a subsidiary.

Through creativity and passion, Street Smart innovations continues to serve the country’s road and civil industry, innovating products that make construction projects easier and safer for everyone.

Street Smart Innovations
Street Smart Innovations

Our Vision

To be the most Trusted and Innovative Name in the Road and Traffic Industry.

Street Smart Innovations

Our Mission

To be known and respected as Australia’s most innovative traffic equipment supplier.


Our competitive and unique advantage is that we have professional experience not only as a manufacturer and importer but also as a construction contractor. We understand where you are coming from!

This means we are far more of a distinct company with staff that can also think in varied ways, ensuring the customer gets what they need.

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Street Smart Innovations

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